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Who is unlxmiteD?

“Unlxmited” is a K-Pop dance cover- and performance group which consists of the collaborative effort of active performers led by devoted dance coaches. Each of our members brings their own diverse and unique personality with them. We came together with a common passion for performing and strive for the same goal: to dance, create dance covers, compete in dance competitions and create new e(x)periences.


We are based in Vienna, Austria. We aim to offer high-quality performances for all audiences to enjoy, regardless of age, cultural background and gender. Our concept and team chemistry will make this a successful group.


In mathematics “N” (Natural Numbers) is used to describe positive whole numbers. The “X” is a placeholder for unknown numbers. Unlxmited will always have a positive and whole number of members. The “X” will be replaced by the number of members participating in a project. As time goes on more and more people are going to join Unlxmited and YOU too will have the chance to be a part of our team!

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